Brian h scott lighting design


Brian H Scott is a Theatrical Designer working primarily in the medium of Light.  As a SITI Company member and resident Lighting Designer since 1997, he has had the good fortune to focus on the creation of new work and the re-investigation of classic texts through a contemporary, as well as, a physically and visually rigorous lens.  His collaborations as a company member of Rude Mechs in Austin, Texas have offered equally invigorating opportunities to create new work through contemporary eyes, in addition to sweeping adaptations of such literary works as Greil Marcus’ look at the history of counter culture, ‘Lipstick Traces,’ and James Kelman’s book, ‘How Late It Was How Late’.

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selected project portfolio

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Above images by Photographer Michael Brosilow are(from left moving clockwise);

‘Who Do You Think You Are’, ‘Death and the Ploughman’, ‘Radio MacBeth’ and ‘Hotel Casseiopia’.